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Big fan of Happy Minds. I have two kids that currently attend. I drop my kids off each morning and the teachers that are there are amazing. My son who is 5 has Ms. Rashmi as a teacher and she does such an amazing job of teaching and getting him ready for the next phase of his life. My daughter who is 2 and just started there was shown so much love when she arrives that it really made me feel so good knowing she was in their hands. Ms. Yvonne is awesome and so helpful with everything. She truly makes us feel like family. I get there the minute they open so we are one of the first ones there and Ms. Yvonne always has a smile on her face and takes her time to help each kid and parent as needed. The owner Ms. Fashana runs a great school and everyday I feel better knowing my kids go here. I highly recommend for anyone.
Nick S (Yelp 02/04/2021)

We absolutely LOVE Happy Minds! Our son is 2.5 and he has been attending since he was 6 months old. Ms. Fas-hana, Ms. Yvonne, and the entire staff are wonderful. Every teacher knows every child’s name (even if they don’t teach them), all the older kids know/help the younger kids, and the school is clean, happy, colorful, and fun! When we toured the school what stuck out to us the most were the kids – in every room we passed we saw smiles. Happy Minds has remained open this entire year – something that speaks volumes to us personally and to our community. We could not be more grateful that our son and all of his friends have been able to continue being children, learning, playing, and growing. Our family is better for it and our future is better for it. Some other things we love: the summer program! Each week they have a theme, so many crafts, and so many activities! Water days, a petting zoo, bumper cars, a bubble lady/man, etc. They also do school pictures, family days/parties, daily flag salutes… Our son is so talkative, curious, and smart!!! and I know it’s in large part due to Happy Minds. It’s truly an amazing school and we are so happy to have found it. We will support and recommend Happy Minds for as long as we can!
Lauren R (Yelp 12/17/2020)

We researched/looked at a lot of different daycares when we had our first son. We refused to put him into a at home daycare because the TV was on all the time. The other schools we looked at had open floor plans. Then our friends recommended Happy Minds and after our visit we decided to enroll our son.
Today, we have both our boys at Happy Minds Kids Academy. We currently have an infant and a pre-schooler at the school. We couldn’t be more happy with HMKA! They have a diverse and caring staff which we love. The number of activities they set up for the kids is AWESOME! They provide our sons with experiences they would never get at a in-home daycare or nanny.
I contribute my eldest son being advance for his age due to his attendance at HMKA and we expect the same from our youngest. The teachers are wonderful and our sons love going to daycare.
Our kids still attend HMKA despite COVID. We never pulled them from daycare and they are still healthy and safe. HMKA is doing a GREAT job in following CDC regulations and we haven’t had any issues. I couldn’t be more happier with Happy Minds Kids Academy.
Suzette H (Yelp 7/27/2020)

Happy Minds has been so beneficial to my son. I can’t say enough good things about Fas-hana and the staff. I enrolled my son when he was almost 2 years old and was obviously nervous. Fas-hana was very comforting and I could tell he would be happy there. Now he’s 3 (and a half) and lives for school! He loves it there so much, he asks to go on Saturdays sometime.  I highly recommend Happy Minds to anyone looking for trustworthy, compassionate human beings to look after your baby.

Jessie N. (Yelp 7/30/2019)

So many wonderful things to say about this school!  My daughter started attending Happy Minds, after we moved her from a Montessori that was not a good fit.  The Montessori damaged my daughter’s spirit. We enrolled our daughter, letting the teacher’s know that she needed a little more TLC than most.  Ms. Yvonne welcomed her to the school and quickly understood what my daughter needed and allowed her the space and attention to get acclimated…soon she worked with our daughter, giving her confidence to be herself.

It’s been a year since her enrollment and our daughter has moved up to Ms. Nicole’s class, with a focus on learning the essentials for Kindergarten.  Ms. Nicole is very sweet and listens to our daughter, and understands her unique personality.

The teacher’s don’t change, which is a good way to tell how happy the staff is.  Ms. Fas-hana is very approachable and non judgmental, which is very important when families are diverse, have special needs. The facility is well taken care of and secure.  I highly recommend Happy Minds!  Our daughter’s spirit is back and she continues to gain her more confidence!

Cynthia E (Yelp 2/2/2019)

My daughter Kendall went to Happy Minds Kids Academy for almost 2 years. Like most parents, it can be nerve wrecking to trust someone to watch your precious little ones. From the get go, my wife and I noticed how clean the academy was and that the rooms were air conditioned. I know that sounds like a strange thing to post on yelp, but we visited another location during summertime hours and they must have had the thermostat set to 80 degrees or something. We chose Happy Minds and we were glad we did from day one.

Fas-hana and her staff are extremely positive, caring, and always put the children first. I highly recommend Happy Minds to everyone that is in need of childcare or pre-school. Their staff and curriculum during the school year will get your little ones ready for kindergarten, and their holiday and summertime programs were always fun for my daughter as she would look forward to activities such “bring your wheels to school day” or her favorite, when they brought the fire trucks for the kids to play on.

Thank you again, Fas-hana for getting my little one ready for her big girl school.
Josiah E (Yelp 1/9/2019)

I’ve got two children (3 years & 18 months ) at this school. We started when my son was 20 months and my youngest started when she was 14 weeks. We absolutely love this school. It is so hard and nerve racking to find a place that you are comfortable leaving your children all day / 5 days a week. I toured 7 preschool/day cares in the area prior to choosing Happy Minds Kids Academy. When I toured this school I immediately got a good feeling when I walked in the door, it was clean and organized. I was created friendly and professionally by the assistant director and then met with the director in her office. When we toured the school she explained all the different rooms and classes, it was really neat to see the kids in their element and how much fun they were having. I also really like how the ages are split up in the classrooms, while mixed ages play together outside, the class rooms are primarily split by age, with the 2-year-old having 2 rooms, one for older 2’s and another for the younger 2’s. After my tour I visited the school twice to sit in the toddler room with my son and get to know the teachers. I loved what the teachers had to say about the school, the other teachers, the director and the students.

My kids absolutely love this school and so do I! In a home where both parents work full time it’s a necessity to be comfortable and confident in the school you choose for your littles. I highly recommend this school, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Becca N (Yelp 1/10/2018)

Our twins just graduated from Happy Minds to move on to Kindergarten. It is with a smiling and a crying eye that we bid farewell to Ms. Fashana and her wonderful team.

Our children were in Happy Minds’ care since they were 2 1/2 years old, enjoying excellent, dedicated, and skillful teachers such as Ms. Yvonne, and most recently, Ms. Rashmi, Ms. Sally and Ms. Jessica. All teachers and assistant teachers gave our children an incredible start to their schooling. Each day our kids would look forward to seeing their friends, and learning new things. The teachers made everyday fun and full of new learning experiences, but also helped them develop a sense of respect and social skills. Ms Rashmi, for instance, sat on the floor with the kids and interacted with them, whether sharing weekend tales, reading stories, or introducing them to yoga and meditation. I always felt Fashana’s teachers genuinely cared about all children in their classrooms, and possess nearly endless patience. Our children loved when Ms. Rashmi organized weekly “share days”, during which every student had to bring and share a toy starting with that week’s letter of the alphabet. The teachers also kept collecting all the art the children produced as part of their curriculum, and created keepsake portfolios for each student. As parents we liked the daily communication about Alexis’ and Nicholas’ day and progress, in addition to wonderful events, parties, water days, fun summer camp activities, fire department and police visits, and of course field trips. Now our twins are transitioning to Kindergarten, and we will certainly miss Happy Minds!

In conclusion I strongly, without reservation, recommend Happy Minds as a child care provider. Any child that gets to spend time with Fashana’s team will greatly benefit from their care and experience.

Bernhard S (Yelp 8/11/2017)

My oldest son attended Happy Minds until he entered kindergarten. At our first kindergarten parent-teacher conference, the teacher mentioned how prepared he was. She asked where he went for preschool/daycare, and she had not heard of Happy Minds before, but she said she was impressed and is happy to hear our youngest is also attending there. She also noted that our son was better prepared than children who were coming out of Montessori schools.

Our youngest would be attending T-K, but the school our oldest is attending does not offer T-K. I am glad he will have an extra time to prepare at Happy Minds, and I have full confidence that he will also be prepared for kindergarten.

Can’t be happier with how Happy Minds have treated our family and how our children have learned so much academically and socially. I would not hesitate recommending Happy Minds to friends and other parents.

Reese H (Yelp 4/14/2017)

“My son previously attended Happy Minds and my daughter still does. When I moved to Laguna Hills, I was checking the area for a preschool that offered a warm environment and a strong learning program. I checked out a couple and they were pretty expensive and I just didn’t get a good feel after visiting.

After searching and searching, I found Happy Minds Kids Academy. Upon walking in, I noticed how clean it was, well organized, and all of the kids seemed to be…well…happy. All of the staff, teachers, and Fashana are amazing. They all say “Hi” every time I come in and they are all really good with the kids. When I drop my daughter off in the mornings, they are immediately talking to her, asking her about her clothes or something random, and just engaging.

All of this is great, but that makes them a good Day Care, and doesn’t speak to the Preschool aspects. My son is now in Kindergarten and he is doing really well! He is ahead of most of the kids in his class and his teacher says how amazing it is to have such a good student. As a father, I obviously feel proud. I have to say though, I really couldn’t have done this on my own. Happy Minds is what really pushed him to the level he is at! He is only half way through his first year of Kindergarten, and he is already reading first and second grade level books!

My daughter loves going to school and seeing her friends and the teachers! She almost always gets there excited and ready for the day!

I would say, if you are searching for a preschool in South Orange County, give Fashana a call! She is very friendly and truly loves kids! I’m actually sad that my daughter’s time here is almost done. I hope other parents enjoy Happy Minds as much as we have!”

Brian A. (Yelp 02/23/17)

My little one has been attending since she was 18 months old,She is now 4 and has entered Pre-K. Within one month she was writing her full name!!!!! So happy about the wonderful teachers and their caring and kind ways of teaching. Thank you for the letting me work with the knowledge that my daughter loves learning now and she is well taken care of!

Lori R. (Yelp 10/09/2016)

‘Happy Minds’ Kids Academy may as well be called ‘Peaceful Minds’ – as you can rest assured that your little one(s) are receiving the best care possible. I had to go back to work when my son was 6 Weeks Old (Ugh!), but the Infant Care Teachers (Ms. Mitzie, Ms. Geeta& Ms. Manuela along with director Ms. Fashana) were 100{5351a076c0ef2cbe3a7e7238fffba6c8b091934e11bc2d17d354dc02a43a7e22} supportive and loved my son like their own. I interviewed nearly every parent in the class before enrolling Brandon, and every review was positive. They play outside, they have age appropriate toys, activities and even crafts (I uploaded a picture). My husband and I pop in quite often unannounced and the Teachers are always on their feet, rotating the babies between activities, encouraging growth and developmental activities and even promoting manners and basic sign language. The older children have even cooler activities (Some Day! But we’re still in drool phase…). I truly pick up a ‘Happy’ Baby every day!

Amethyst (Yelp 9/13/16)

We moved to Mission Viejo in March and had to find our 4 year old a new preschool. My husband had checked this school out on his own and then sent me to take a look. I was really impressed. The first thing I noticed was all the kids looked very happy. The staff is so caring and wonderful with the kids. This is not a “daycare” . They teach your kids everything they will need to go off to elementary school. Today was my daughter’s last day and we will miss them all so much. The amount of work and time and love each and every staff member puts into this place is amazing. I only wish we had moved here sooner. Don’t think twice about sending your little ones here!

Jessica S. (Yelp 07/28/16)

My son has been at Happy Minds since fall 2014 and we could not be happier. Ms. Fas-Hana hires a dedicated and caring staff. I feel they work hard to create programs and activities to keep the children engaged and active, in a safe and fun environment. As a parent I feel very well-informed on all the goings-on at the school, communications are always clear and prompt. We are very lucky to be part of the Happy Minds Kids Academy family!

Johanna B. ( Yelp 2/5/2016)

We moved our son from another daycare in Mission Viejo and it was a world of a difference. Not only are the people here very nice but our son is learning so much at this school. Also the owners really care about the kids and they have fun field trips in the summer program. I feel that my son will be really prepared for kindergarten in the fall.

Thank you Happy Minds!

Mike M.(Yelp 01/06/16)

“5 stars all the way. The teachers are wonderful, so very caring and nurturing. Lots of creative play and also structured learning which was important too. The other nice feature is the director hosts lots of family activities such as ice cream socials and holiday events. These are always so nice as it allows parents to mingle with other parents and watch your own child interact. Never once did I worry about my little girl and I always went to work knowing she was happy and well taken care of. That peace of mind is so valuable. I highly recommend.”

Kimberly V. on 7/22/2014

“My daughter has been attending Happy Minds Kids Academy since she was 2 years old. She is now 5 and will be moving on to kindergarten in September. My daughter has loved all of her teachers and has learned so much at Happy Minds. She started with Ms. Pitkin and then went to Mrs. Palmeri’s class. She’s now back with Ms. Pitkin in the pre-k class, which is also taught by Mrs. Thuy. All of the teachers are so loving and nurturing. It brings tears to my eyes to think that my daughter will not be going here next year. I feel like the staff is an extension of our family. The daily schedule is consistent and includes a balance of learning and fun. The teachers care deeply for all of their students. I appreciate that they also appropriately discipline the children with redirection. Ms. Fas-hana has done an amazing job with hiring and maintaining a quality staff. I am so glad that we found this school 3 years ago and I will be sad to say good bye to these wonderful teachers in September!”

Jennifer C. on 7/12/2014

“My daughter has been attending this school for three years. Will be in kindergarten this September. She loves the school. It has been great to keep her in the school after ownership change. Mrs Fas-hana has proved to be professional and responsible to the school. We’ve seen quality of teachers and schedule improved. Keep the good work!”

Beshell O. on 6/12/2014

“Happy Minds Kids Academy is awesome! They treat my daughter and I like family. I highly recommend this place not just for the affordability, but for the great care they give the children. Every morning Ms. Palmeri gives my daughter a hug and affirmations on how great she is. This daycare has changed our family for the better. WE LOVE YOU HAPPY MINDS!”

Mia R. on 1/15/2014

“My children love their school. The teachers are very caring. Ms. Emmy ran home at lunch one day to wash my son’s shorts after an accident to ensure he could play for water day. They always go above and beyond. Ms. Pitkin and Mrs. Palmeri are amazing teachers. Ms. Fashana the director does a wonderful job of engaging parents, having special events and making their time memorable. We love all teachers and highly recommend this school!”

Christina M. on 1/10/2014

“I cannot say enough good things about Happy Minds Kids Academy. My son has been at the school for a year and a half and is thriving in every way. He enjoys school so much that he is disappointed that he cannot go on the weekends and occasionally cries when I pick him up. He talks about all his friends and his teacher, Miss Emmy – he’s been in her class for nearly a year. The teachers know the students well and are filled with endless patience and energy. I am one of the last parents to show up at the end of the day and have yet to see his teacher look tired – in fact, just the opposite. She is full of smiles and often laughing. It is clear that not only is she good at what she does, she truly enjoys doing it.

When issues arise, Ms. Fashana handles them in a loving, professional way – not a combination you find often. She clearly cares about the children and tries to understand the background and help come up with a solution. She is extremely approachable and completely dedicated to the children’s development and the school’s success.

As a full time working parent, I greatly appreciate the extra activities that are offered. The sports program allows my little guy to try out a bunch of sports in one place with a teacher who is trained to work with preschoolers. In addition to his academic progress, I see physical improvements as well. If you want your child to feel loved, safe and develop, this is the place for you.”

Elissa O. on 1/3/2014

“My daughter has attended this preschool for over 2 1/2 years. I could have never made the transition from stay home mom to working mom without the wonderful staff. Ms. Dunn, Mrs. Palmeri, Ms. Pitkin and Mrs. Snyder all worked together to keep me well informed of my daughters days. I think I needed them more than my daughter did at the time. I have volunteered many times over the last couple of years and I know all the children there. They are all treated with loving teachers and in a very loving home environment. Mrs. Fashana has been a huge addition to the school and this year’s summer classes are better and more exciting than the years past. My daughter is very excited to go on field trips without mom. I am very blessed to have found a daycare/preschool with all this love for children. I would recommend this preschool to all friends and family. The school has my contact information if anyone would like to ask me questions they can give you my e-mail. Good luck finding a more loving place than Happy Minds.”

Denise R. from Lake Forest, CA on 6/25/12

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! The staff is amazing with our son! We appreciate that all the teachers talk with the children and not to them. They truly love and respect all the kids equally. His teacher, Miss Taylor, is very loving and supportive. He has grown so much since starting her class and she gets just as excited as we do when he does something new! He feels at home here and as parents there’s not much more we could ask for. We definitely recommend this school!”

Pamela R. from Mission Viejo, CA on 6/14/2012

“My child (3 yrs old) is having a great time attending Happy Minds Kids Academy. He is excited to go to school every morning. This is the first school he has attended and the excellent staff has made this an easy transition for both my son and I. I really like his teacher and communication with her and the entire staff is amazing! I plan to keep him enrolled until it’s time to start Kindergarten. I recommend this school 110{5351a076c0ef2cbe3a7e7238fffba6c8b091934e11bc2d17d354dc02a43a7e22}”

Claudia R. on 6/12/2012

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