Exploring Gross Motor Skills Through Play


When it comes to early childhood education, play based learning stands out as a cornerstone for fostering holistic development. At HAPPY MINDS KIDS ACADEMY, we understand the profound impact of play on children’s gross motor skills. Our preschool prioritizes hands-on experiences that support physical growth and development.

In our preschool in Mission Viejo, California, play isn’t just about having fun; it’s a vital component of learning. Through activities like running, jumping, and climbing on our playground, children develop strength, coordination, and balance. These fundamental gross motor skills form the foundation for more complex movements later in life.

Research consistently shows that active play is crucial for children’s overall health and well-being. We integrate structured and unstructured play opportunities into our curriculum to promote physical activity and motor development. Our outdoor play area provides ample space for children to explore and engage in activities that challenge their gross motor skills.

For parents seeking quality child care in California, prioritizing opportunities for active play is essential. By enrolling your child in a program that values and incorporates play-based learning, you’re investing in their physical and cognitive development. At HAPPY MINDS KIDS ACADEMY, we recognize the importance of nurturing the whole child, and our curriculum reflects this commitment.

Even in our infant center in California, we prioritize opportunities for babies to engage in sensory experiences that support their gross motor development. Through tummy time, reaching for toys, and exploring their environment, infants begin to build strength and coordination from the earliest stages of life.

Are you ready to enroll your child in a preschool that prioritizes play-based learning and promotes gross motor development? Take the first step towards nurturing their potential by reaching out to us today. We are here to provide you with comprehensive information about our innovative programs and guide you through the enrollment process.

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